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Church Insurance Information

            We take protecting your religious organization very seriously. We understand that one loss or claim could be devastating to your ministry.  Whether it is a Church, School, Denominational Headquarters, or Daycare, there are proactive steps we can take to prevent such losses from happening. Our saying here at Loveless Insurance is that It is better to prepare and prevent then to repair and repent”. With our agencies increasing knowledge of religious organizations along with GuideOne’s SafeChurch Program, and by allowing us an opportunity to review your risks, you have already taken a step in the right direction in protecting your ministry more than it is today. Please review some of our key coverage’s we offer below.  

 Property Coverage

            Property coverage is for any buildings or contents that your organization owns. In most cases it is a Church but it is also for Denominational Headquarters, Christian schools, Church Campgrounds, and Daycares as well. Some examples of this coverage would be if your property caught on fire or there was a tornado that created a total or partial loss to any of your buildings. This coverage is extremely important to rebuild your buildings promptly exactly as they were so that you may resume your ministry’s progress. We will do a full evaluation of your building and complete an estimation of the cost to rebuild your church and replace all of its contents. We also insure every church at 100% replacement cost. Over the years by gaining experience we have seen many types of churches along the way.  Large or small, all need protection to keep them up and running and doing the Lord’s work.

Liability Coverage

            Liability provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by an individual at your house of worship.  This issue has become an increasingly large concern for many religious organizations.  Your church can be responsible for any personal or advertising injury that may occur.  Anytime the church is held liable for something that may have happened outside or within the church walls your organization must have adequate coverage. A large liability claim is the last thing any organization wants. It is even more devastating when you are underinsured. We work with churches every day and will do our very best to keep you covered before a liability claim may arise within your organization. Some examples of this coverage are any events arising out of spiritual counseling, a violent incident, sexual misconduct, or some other incident that could occur.  We are happy to discuss these in person during our personal one on one meeting and visiting walkthrough.   

Additional Coverage’s

            We understand every church or organization is different and may need additional coverage’s to keep them properly insured. Below we have mentioned some of the key add-ons that we use with different needs we see day to day:

·         Umbrella Coverage

·         Church Auto (Please see the additional pages on this coverage)

·         Worker’s Compensation

·         Missionguard (For International Trips)

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